Stephen Lawwell is the founder of Echoes of Eden, a ministry that seeks to strengthen the faith of believers in the Word of God and challenge the worldview of the non-believers. He received his undergraduate degree (B.Sc.) in Computer Science with an emphasis on scientific applications from Middle Tennessee State University in 1995 and a Masters of Theology (Th.M.) from Baptist College of America and Theological Seminary in 2007.

Stephen's story is not unlike that of many others in today’s culture. Although he grew up in a Christian home, Stephen found it difficult to reconcile the faith of his childhood with the information presented in his undergraduate science courses. These personal struggles led him not only to the truth of God’s Word, but they also burdened his heart with a desire to help others that are standing in the shadow of doubt. This desire has allowed Stephen to speak on issues of faith and science in hundreds of churches and schools across the United States, as well as in the churches and universities of Europe and South America.

Modeling his ministry after the approach taken by the Apostle Paul in Acts 17, Stephen uses a variety of fast-paced and fact-filled presentations to take believers and unbelievers back to the foundational truths of Scripture, starting with the very first verse in Genesis and ending with the good news of how the Creator became our Redeemer (Isaiah 44:24).

Stephen currently lives in Christiana, Tennessee with his wife Barbie and two daughters. Along with his responsibilities as an IT executive with a leading healthcare company, Stephen is active in various local ministries.