About Echoes of Eden

Like many children, Stephen Lawwell was brought up in church and taught that the Bible was the inerrant Word of God, but as he entered his late teenage years he found it more difficult to find Biblical answers to the scientific questions that his sponge-like mind was asking. Needless to say, it was not long after Stephen began his undergraduate studies that he found himself lying awake at night wondering if his pastor and parents were simply peddling a fairy tale. Seeing his deep struggle with doubt, the Lord graciously intervened, bringing resources and people into his life to help him find the answers he so desperately sought and the confidence he needed to grow as a Christian.

It was this 16-year journey and God’s clear direction throughout that led Stephen in 2007 to extend his ministry outside the walls of his local church, where he taught many years on the specialized subjects of creation, evolution, and general apologetics. Since that time, the Lord has allowed Echoes of Eden to minister in churches and schools across America, as well as in the churches and atheistic universities of Belgium and France.

Looking back, Stephen's early years are representative of what is happening in the 21st century church. Statistics have shown that a mass exodus is taking place in the church, with two-thirds of all children leaving when they reach adulthood. At the current direction and pace, we are less than a generation away from seeing a major collapse of Christianity in America. This collapse is already in its latter stages in Europe. It is our heart’s desire to assist the local church in turning the tide of atheism, primarily by bringing answers to the common scientific questions that are seldom discussed in a traditional church setting. Echoes of Eden seeks to strengthen the faith of believers in the Word of God and to equip them with the knowledge to defend and share their faith confidently (I Peter 3:15; Philippians 1:17). We also look for any opportunity to challenge the worldview of the unbeliever, with the hopes that the dark curtain of doubt and disbelief can be lifted from their heart and mind.

Modeling the ministry after the approach taken by the Apostle Paul in Acts 17, Echoes of Eden uses a variety of fast-paced and fact-filled PowerPoint presentations to take believers and unbelievers back to the foundational truths of Scripture, starting with the very first verse in Genesis and ending with the good news of how the Creator became our Redeemer (Isaiah 44:24). These presentations cover a wide range of topics and can be classified into two major groups – those that expound on Scripture and those that debunk the myth of evolution. Each topic can be presented independent of the others, since each church or audience has different needs. Some churches and schools only desire to have Scripture taught from a scientific perspective, while others are on the front lines in the fight against evolutionary thought and require more in-depth training on how to counter its arguments. Regardless of the situation, we believe that all Christians should be trained to defend their faith in a reasonable manner. Henry Morris, a pioneer in this type of ministry, once wrote, “The defense of the gospel is no indifferent matter to be left to a few specialists, but one to which all believers should be trained and committed.”

Popular Presentation Topics


  • In the Beginning: The Foundational Nature and Relevance of Genesis
  • In Six Days: Reflections on the Creation Week
  • The Garden of Eden: From Creation to Eden's Gate
  • The Genesis Flood: Evidence of a Worldwide Catastrophe
  • Noah’s Ark: Silencing the Critics
  • Stones, Bones, and Ice: The Early Post-Flood Years
  • The Tower of Babel: From Confusion to Civilization
  • The Truth of God's Word: Science, History, and Prophecy
  • The Authorship of Genesis
  • The Gap Theory: Lucifer’s Flood or Church Compromise?
  • Understanding the Genesis Lifespans
  • The Search for Noah's Ark
  • Evolution/General Apologetics

  • Our Reasonable Faith: Defending Your Faith in the Age of Skepticism
  • Evolution: The Dangerous Deception
  • The Age of the Earth: Thousands…Not Billions
  • The Truth about the Dinosaurs
  • The Battle for the Beginning: Making Sense of the Debate on Origins
  • Darwin’s Empty Cradle: The Evolutionary Justification of Abortion
  • Monkey Business: The Myth of Human Evolution
  • Roar to Soar: Are Dinosaurs and Birds Related?
  • Youth/Children

  • Hast Thou An Arm Like God?
  • Divine Design
  • Thinking God's Thoughts After Him
  • The Truth about the Dinosaurs
  • A Biblical View of the Fossil Record
  • Dinosaurs, Fossils, and the Flood
  • Noah’s Ark and the Flood: The Right Perspective